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Shopping and Food Safety Tips for Consumers - COVID-19

Apr. 16, 2020

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Quickcaller Directory online now!

Apr. 7, 2020

Check out their website.

CSMS #42283516 – Entry Summary, Payment and Post-Release Processing of Trade Activities Due to COVID-19

Apr. 6, 2020

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to maintain operations at the Ports of Entry and within the Centers of Excellence and Expertise while taking measures to ensure the safety of the public and CBP staff. Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, CBP highly recommends that CBP’s automated systems be used to their fullest extent possible in order to minimize exposure and sustain trade activities. CBP recommends the application of the following measures; although this list is not exhaustive :

  • Transmit entry and entry summaries to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE);

  • Update current account and point of contact information in the ACE portal, to include email, to provide a means for electronic communication;

  • Submit supporting documentation or responses to CBP Requests for Information (CBPF28) through the ACE portal or the Document Image System (DIS);

  • Transmit post-summary activities, such as Protests and Post-Importation Claims through ACE; and

  • Filers submitting Post Summary Corrections (PSCs) that require a payment of duties may opt to receive a bill, or may still mail payment to the Port of Entry. CBP encourages importers and filers to take advantage of the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) for electronic payment to the greatest extent possible. In the event that the use of electronic submissions cannot be utilized, documentation may be mailed to the Port of Entry for processing, to include checks for payment of duties, taxes and fees, liquidated damages, prior disclosures, etc. The trade community is encouraged to monitor CSMS and maintain contact with local Ports of Entry as trade facility operations at each location may change due to COVID-19. Additionally, the Centers of Excellence and Expertise can be used as a resource for trade related matters. A directory of Center managers is available by Center team number using the following link:

Port of Houston

Apr. 1, 2020

Open for business and operating normally.

AIR GENERAL (IAH) HAS NEW HOURS: 10AM-4PM -Be prepared for wait time. 3/26/2020 FDA – Letter to Industry on COVID-19

Mar. 25, 2020

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FDA – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Daily Roundup, March 24, 2020

Mar. 25, 2020

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Greenlite Express

Mar. 24, 2020

Greenlite will be open but at a limited capacity. Please see below.

  • Freight services will be running as normal. Please make sure when dispatching the freight to us that the delivery location is open and able to accept freight.

  • The office will be open until noon or a little bit after noon. Kendrick and I will both be here to assist.

  • The airline sweep, Iah customs and surrounding (mr lee) will be operating until noon.

  • Ocean customs items to be dropped or checking of boxes will be done twice a day.

  • All other route drivers will be running until noon. Anything after noon will be done on hotshot basis.

Also we will be doing a title run daily as long as the title desk stays open.

St George is only open from 8am to 1 pm.

Please note and understand that my drivers safety is at the utmost importance. Most of them do not have medical due to them being a 1099 contractor. If they contract this horrible virus it will be devastating. This will be reevaluated on daily basis depending on if there are more closures or stricter guidelines given by the city or state. If you have any questions please call me 832-492-8156 John

Update on the impacts of COVID-19

Mar. 24, 2020

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Title Desk

Mar. 20, 2020

5 people allowed only in title desk at one time.

Port Houston Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals Re-Opening for Regular Business. Update Covid-19.

Mar. 20, 2020

AIR GENERAL (IAH), BRITISH AIR AND TURKISH – They are only allowing 4 people a time in the office and warehouse. What this means as well is longer times to pick up freight and possible wait time charges by truckers. Also, so far Greenlite is business as normal. They might scale down the hours a little. For the customers that have more than 2 runs a day we might cut a run. I am doing this for the safety of the route drivers. If they do implement this they will let everyone know and which run. 

Operations Scheduled to Resume at Bayport and Barbours Cut Container Terminals The Port Authority has conducted a thorough investigation regarding the ILA worker, who recently worked at both Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals, that tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The ILA worker is currently in quarantine at the hospital. Port Houston has conducted a joint investigation with the ILA which indicated that his exposure to others was fairly limited. Following CDC guidelines, all those that he has been in direct contact with during the 2 days worked at Port Houston facilities are in self-quarantine. Additionally, those who maintained social distancing from the worker, and have low risk, have been advised. We have taken prudent steps to ensure we resume operations responsibly and safely. We will be resuming vessel operations this evening at 1900 at both container terminals. We will reopen both container terminals for regular business tomorrow morning. Port Houston Customer Service staff will return to normal hours tomorrow morning. In the meantime, questions can be sent to: [email protected] [email protected] All decisions on vessel schedules, demurrage, and all others will be determined as soon as possible. Port Houston is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide updates as warranted if this situation changes. Multi-purpose facilities remain open for business. 

CSMS # 42092162 Information on Processing of Binding Ruling Requests by CBP’s National Commodity Specialist Division (NCSD)

Mar. 20, 2020

Cargo Systems Messaging Service CSMS #42092162 – Information on Processing of Binding Ruling Requests by CBP’s National Commodity Specialist Division (NCSD) The National Commodity Specialist Division is still accepting requests for binding rulings. However, the evolving situation regarding the declared national emergency on the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has affected the processing operations of our Customs Information Exchange branch. Please be aware that paper binding ruling requests and requests that include or necessitate a sample may be delayed in processing and/or issuance. During this time, it is recommended that all ruling requests be made through the use of eRulings (, and include detailed photographs or short videos of the product to be submitted in lieu of samples. However, we recognize that certain commodities require a sample in order for a determination to be made. In such cases, delays may occur. The National Import Specialist assigned to work on your ruling will reach out to you to discuss your options and whether a determination can be made without a sample. 3/20/2020

World Trade Distribution, Inc

Mar. 19, 2020

Statement Concerning COVID-19

Update on the port of Houston – The port is still open for business

Mar. 19, 2020

The port of Houston, which comprises public and private terminals, remains open. Two public terminals, Port of Houston Authority’s Bayport and Barbours Cut container terminals, were closed last night due to a confirmed COVID-19 case. We have no additional information at this time. Port of Houston Authority will continue to post updates at Yesterday, March 18, the Houston Pilots moved 24 arrivals, 7 sailings, and 1 shift. This is lower than average, but it is due to partial channel closures due to fog. The Pilots have boarded 6 sailings and 5 arrivals so far this morning, and there are an additional 16 arrivals and 3 sailings pending. In 2019, approximately 11% of vessel arrivals to the port of Houston came to the Port of Houston Authority’s Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals. These terminals represent about 95% of the container ship arrivals to the port of Houston. There are 10 active ship docks in those terminals, and about 200 ship docks in all of the port of Houston. Please take a moment to review the COVID-19 maritime best practices document that we developed for the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee: In order to best serve our Port Bureau members, at this time we will only be sending COVID-19 updates to them and respond to queries from our Port Bureau members.

Operations are Suspended at Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals

Mar. 19, 2020

Check out their website for up to date information

The Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce

Mar. 19, 2020

COVID – 19 UPDATE: We are doing our part to help stop the spread of this virus by working from home as much as possible. Freight Forwarding Hours: Please feel free to stop by the office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, between the hours of 10:00am – 2:00pm if you need to have your documents chamberized. If you have questions, please email Shannon at [email protected]

** Do not enter the office if you are running a fever or coughing

CN | Customer News | COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Status of our operations

Mar. 19, 2020

Customer News

Airline Closures

Mar. 18, 2020

  • Singapore airlines is closing.

  • Air France is closed. If there is new freight coming in, it will not be accepted.

  • Also St George is going to be closing now at 2pm and will stop receiving at 1:30pm.

  • KLM, Delta, Air China and Air France are open but there are no planes scheduled to come in and they are working on a skeleton.

  • DHL & Eva close now at 5pm not 7pm.

  • American airlines open and business as normal.

  • United open and business as normal.

  • British Air and Air General are open and on a skeleton crew.

  • Singapore airlines closed for 30 days Customs air and ocean is business as normal so far.

COVID 19 Best practices for the Houston Ship Channel

Mar. 18, 2020

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (USA) Inc.

Mar. 17, 2020

MSC confirms that they will continue business operations in Houston and will rotate crews in the office and at home through the quarantine period.

Status of April 1 Customs Broker License Examination

Mar. 17, 2020

Due the unprecedented situation related to coronavirus (COVID-19) across the country, and the closure of testing centers, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is postponing the April 1, 2020 Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE). CBP will provide additional information in the coming days, so please check the website and NCBFAA email blasts for updates. For immediate concerns regarding the broker exam, you may email Broker Management Branch at [email protected]. CBP will still be hosting a webinar for potential test-takers on March 24 and will be a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest from the agency. You may register for the event here.

Greenlite Covid-19 New precautionary procedures.

Mar. 17, 2020

Starting today your route driver will call prior to arriving to see if you have anything and or to let you know if they have anything. If you do have something please let us know how you would like it dropped.


Mar. 17, 2020 to keep things moving

Summary of Latest Congressional Action on Coronavirus Response

Mar. 16, 2020

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Canada to bar entry to travellers who are not citizens, permanent residents or Americans

Mar. 16, 2020

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Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg

Mar. 13, 2020

Latest Episode: The Virus is Hitting Trade and the Economy

U.S Small Business Administration

Mar. 13, 2020

Today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) held an industry teleconference to discuss COVID-19. CBP made the following points:

  • Presidential Proclamations apply to passengers not cargo.

  • There are no additional screening requirements for cargo because medical professionals have advised that COVID-19 is transmitted by people not cargo.

  • MARAD and the Coast Guard have issued guidelines for entry of crews. Air and sea crews are being funneled into 13 designated airports for additional screening.

  • CBP staffing is not currently affected by COVID-19, but as more schools close CBP trade officers will telecommute. However, CBP does not expect any reduction in service.

  • CBP staffing at ports has not diminished, but if an officer has an encounter with a person showing COVID-19 symptoms, that officer is quarantined. Adjustments will be made on case-by-case basis.

  • Trade programs such as USMCA implementation, the 321 pilot, type 86 pilot, are all moving forward and not impacted by COVID-19.

  • CBP is monitoring cargo flows and they have seen declines in air cargo and mail shipments.

  • Any medical products granted an exclusion by USTR from section 301 tariffs should be entered through ACE without additional duties. (Some brokers reported rejected entries and CBP will rectify this issue promptly.) AAEI raised the issue of whether CBP will waive 15-day entry filing deadlines and cancel liquidated damages for late filing due to companies reducing hours or shutting down. CBP has requested that we provide additional data so they can consider changes to the requirements and so we are asking companies to complete the survey below.

Customer Advisory

Mar. 12, 2020

European Union / United States Travel Ban

Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce

Mar. 12, 2020

Chamber Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Mar. 12, 2020

Safety Above All During COVID-19